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Our goal
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Beek Capital is an agile investment company that invests its own assets in healthy companies that are based in the Netherlands. Beek Capital aims to invest in companies with a realistic growth perspective and an enterprise value of between € 10 and € 50 million.

Optimal Mutual Return

Capital and expertise

During a company’s life, opportunities arise which require new financial resources. Additional capital may be required for expansion of the business, an acquisition, innovation or business succession. Beek Capital can provide the financial resources to fund this. As an independent investment company, it offers entrepreneurs financial strength and support aimed at realising optimal value creation together with management.

Investing entrepreneurs with an extensive network and financial and strategic expertise.

Long term participation

Beek Capital was founded in 2014. The investment company operates entirely independently and is not dependent on external investors. Beek Capital invests its own capital, supplemented with bank financing on a case-by-case basis either in cooperation with like-minded investors or on its own. As such, Beek Capital is free to invest for the long term, without any pressure from external shareholders to exit within a fixed time frame.

Direct and personal

Beek Capital is an agile partner. Entrepreneurs are in direct contact with the decision-makers and can reach deals quickly and in person.

Agile, direct and personal

Doing business with entrepreneurs

Beek Capital preferably takes a controlling interest and invests in companies with growth potential and a clear focus. We structure our investments in such a way that Beek Capital’s interests are aligned with that of the company’s management. Beek Capital’s partners are actively involved and contribute not only financial resources, but also their financial and strategic know-how and entrepreneurial experience.

Beek Capital also provides access to a vast network of external specialists, consultants and other parties who can play a key role in the company’s development. This to pursue one goal: to work with the management to ensure that the company in which Beek Capital invests is a success.

Successful cooperation relies on mutual respect, trust and commitment. Beek Capital only participates in companies that have both the potential and ambition to grow and where its interests are parallel to that of the management.

Other starting points

  • a clear focus
  • a sound market position
  • the ambition of realising further value creation
  • an investment need of at least € 2 million
  • a personal click between the parties based on driven entrepreneurship

Actively contributing ideas and quickly changing gear

Focus is decisive for success. A marksman with his sights on two targets will miss both of them.


van Vliet Verhuur

Van Vliet Verhuur B.V. has grown to one of the leading European companies providing rental and sales of Danish (CC) Containers, CC Euro Containers and Maestro Containers that are used for the transportation of flowers and plants.


Zwart Techniek

Zwart Techniek is providing solutions for back-up power generation and for energy supply off grid, offering turn key power plants, solar, generators, power parts and 24/7 service.

Press release

14 January 2022
European emergency power solution providers B&A and Zwart join forces


Effect Photonics

Develops components for optical fibre networks based on optical chip technology. This technology allows the company to realise a complete optical system on a single chip. The highly integrated products provide higher data rates at lower costs. This allows network administrators to continue to meet the increasing demand for faster Internet connections at home, at work and on the move.

Press releases
6 juni 2023
EFFECT Photonics Secures $40 Million in Additional Funding

21 April 2022
EFFECT Photonics announces the completion of its Series C

19 April 2022
EFFECT Photonics Closes the Acquisition of the Coherent Optical Digital Signal Processing Business from Viasat


Bird Control Group

Bird Control Group prevents conflicts between birds and human activities in a sustainable, innovative and safe manner. BCG’s laser bird deterrents show successful results in different weather conditions and different countries.


Soto Solar

Soto Solar develops and invests in subsidy-free, large-scale, ground-mounted solar PV projects. The company’s mission is to contribute to the European energy transition by turning solar energy into an institutional asset class.




Beek Capital
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Beek Capital
Parnassusweg 729
1077 DG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 20 708 58 50